• Access to low-cost, environmentally friendly power – GRIID has 68 MWe of available capacity today and a growing energy pipeline of 436 MWe by the end of 2024. Long-term, we are focused on developing a power pipeline that relies on a low-carbon energy mix, including 1,300 MWe.
  • Supply chain control – GRIID was one of the first bitcoin miners to deploy a vertically integrated approach by controlling the entire supply chain – from power procurement to hosting to mining. This approach offers more profitable, stable performance and buffers against bitcoin price changes.
  • Experienced and proven management team – with a track record of vertically integrating a self-mining bitcoin strategy across four enterprise-scale facilities. Our team has substantial experience negotiating power contracts, managing power levels, designing sites and networks, and deploying ASIC technology. Control over these activities allows us to innovate and deploy best practices, leading to differentiated performance.
  • Leading technology – our mining operations currently use ASICs from Bitmain, MicroBT, and Intel. Self-mining allows us to optimize the ASIC blend to best monetize available power at all levels of scale.

Mission Driven: building the American infrastructure business at the intersection of energy and sound money. We support the growth of a low-carbon mix of energy generation and will remain flexible as we leverage that advantage to generate value for our investors.

Value Focused: We procure a low-cost, low-carbon energy mix (often tapping into excess capacity) and leverage it with a focus on building, operating, and managing a growing portfolio of vertically integrated bitcoin mining facilities.

Purpose Built: We have vertically integrated our business to improve our in-house designed facilities and carve a path toward sector leadership.

Founder Led: GRIID is led by a management team that has worked and thrived together for years, gathering expertise from a wide range of sectors, and is primed for continued scaled growth. We are among a few companies in our industry still led by the founding team, and it shows in our resilience and discipline.

We control the entire process beginning with long-term power contracts that secure affordable, reliable, low-carbon electricity.


In addition to GRIID’s corporate headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, we operate a Research and Development Center in Austin, Texas, and a Development, Deployment, and Equipment Repair Center in Rutledge, Tennessee. Our four mining facilities are in Watertown, New York; Limestone, Maynardville and Lenoir City, Tennessee.